2013 Cleveland Frag Swap Raffle FIXED!


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This was my first frag swap as I am new to the hobby...great stuff and met some really great sellers.

On the other hand the raffle was absolutely fixed! There were 3 grand prize pulls and the two biggest prizes went to the gentleman PULLING the tickets and the other ticket went to the woman SELLING the raffle tickets. The winner pulled his own ticket! I will never buy anything from that group again...the whole thing was shady!


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there was actually 4 grand prize pulls and i know this because i won the 35 gal cube. i was the 3rd pull and no i am not a member of the cleveland club, not even from ohio.

I spent $40 and got 8 tickets to put in.

here are the prizes

90 gal rimless w /ai sol
35 gal cube with led light
rapid led fixture
kessil a150

i think you are going out on a limb and saying it was fixed. You could say that the last 3 cleveland swaps were fixed because the same guy won all 3 grand prize tanks. sounds fishy right? but did you know he spent over $250 on grand prize raffle tickets for each swap? makes it a little easier to win when you have over 60 chances in a drawing


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Congrats on winning that tank...that's the one I wanted!

so it's not funny that the guy pulling the prize won a grand prize? If you are going to be in the raffle, you have no business picking a winner...doesn't matter if he spent $5 or $500 in tickets. It makes the whole thing look shady. I heard at least a half dozen people commenting on my way out how coincidental it was...sarcastically.

Just a tip for those who run those events...next time, don't enter the raffle you are in charge of, AND pull tickets. It makes you look bad! I would recommend you sit it out.