20G Long Reef/Fuge/Sump build


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Ok so it's been a while since i have posted any of my tanks so i thought it was about time I post one.
I'm a little rusty and I realize that there is much more information that has come to light since my last reefing experience so feel free to let me know of any mistakes or anything you might think i should know, but please be polite.

I have had a 20L stand for several years from a failed attempt to put one together only to crack the tank soon after I put sand and water in it.

So....this is my second attempt. Being older and wiser I decided to opt for a drill press instead of my old money saving technique of hand drilling my tanks like i used to do. (although it usually cost me more in broken tanks )

Anyways.....about the project.....

Here is what I have so far:
20G Long twice drilled for an overflow and return.
20G Long Stand (typical stand you would see)
10G home made sump with four baffles (see pictures)
150g rated recirculating protein skimmer ( i know it's overkill, forgot which brand but this is the best skimmer i have ever owned)
Mag drive return
Coralife 2 bulb 24w T5 fixture with moonlights
Power strip, PVC, cord organizer, etc.

And my plans (influenced by Vegas) for the livestock:

Toadstool Leather
Kenya Tree
Long Tentacle Anemone

Looking mostly for vibrant colors as the tank will be more blue/purple.

B&W Clown pair
Shrimp Goby Pair

More to come on that....just haven't decided yet.


Ended up drilling an extra hole for an extra drain in the event the main drain clogged.


Leak Test:

Everything transferred:
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So after a while I ditched the T5's and got an LED and fabricated the stand myself using some conduit, a pipe bender and some spray paint.

Also removed the GSP because it was attacking my zoos, some xenia to make room for more colorful corals that don't grow crazy fast and some of the less colorful mushrooms.

For whatever reason in this photo everything looks a bit crooked. It's not. Everything is perfectly level.

I plan on removing the corals in the middle and once some other frags attach to some rubble I'll have more corals all over. This weekend I also plan to set up a system to take the work out of water changes.

Whenever I get around to what I feel like is a "complete" tank I'll snap some better pictures that are of higher quality.
If you're wondering where the fish went they are in quarantine for another 5 weeks before they go back into the tank.
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