20g mixed reef 2x ai 16, or 1 xr15


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Standard 20g (24x12). Trying to decide between 2 ai prime 16s (or whT ever they are called). Vs one xr15 the price comes out the same but with two I could have less light spill get closer to the water and have redundancy. However I have always liked and trusted the Radeon and think they have superior color just unsure how a single light would spread on a tank.

Ideally I would run the lights under 80percent capacity for better cooling and bulb life.

Any input or anyone with a true par mapping like Sanjay used to do?


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I'm using an XR-15 G5 over my 2' cube and it works well. I bought Ecotech's arm for it and have no complaints about the height. I also bought the diffuser cover. There's not much disco ball effect from the G5 Radions, but there's a little and the screen kills almost all of it.

I don't have any experience with the AI lights aside from my LFS. Their whole store is lit with AI lights and their tanks look great.

The cost is the same, the Radion will cover your tank, so I think your decision only hinges on a couple of things.
-Which company do you like most?
-Which control app is better?
-Do you want the look of a single light or two lights over your tank?

You'll have great lighting no matter how you skin it.


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I ended up going with a single radion. I may eventually pick up a second for shadowing reasons but for now it’s great.