20g sump/fuge design help


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Picked up a 20 gallon tank at a yard sale for $5 so would like to convert for my 90g DT. I would appreciate help with baffle design and layout. I've read and read but not sure how to make best use of area.


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20 long or high?

I just laid my 20l out to the minimum space needed for the skimmer and return pump. That allowed for the maximum amount of fuge area ~ 12" of space.

Flow went from skimmer/influent -> fuge -> return. The baffles are between the fuge and return areas.

There is a calculator on the home page to figure how many gallons of room you will need for a power failure in the sump. On a 37 mine was roughly 5 gallons. I came down 4" on all my baffle heights to leave room for that 5 gallons.

If you search 20 gallon sump, you can see a bunch of builds on this site.