24" pc actinic bulbs laying around?


Finally got around to setting up my 60cube. Repurposing as much of the old equipment I could dig up from the garage and frankensteined everything together. Gonna go back to halides, so now going to run a single 250w 14k in a hamilton reflector. A bit too white so needed a little actinic supplementing-- plus didn't like the thought of the halide running 10-12hrs per day.

Found a 24" pc retrofit. Mounted it on a board and now got some supplemental lighting. Problem is the bulbs are 50/50 and daylight. Hoping perhaps one of you old school reefers may still have a few of the actinics laying around. It's become a difficult task finding 24" square pin power compact actinics anymore.

Happy to take them off your hands if they're working. Don't have anything to trade currently, but I'm happy to pay a little for them.