250w HQI on a nano- Anyone try it?


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I am thinking about splitting my 20L reef into two larger tanks in the near future. One would be a 26g Bowfront for my LPS/Softies and would use the 150w Sunpod I have now. I was think about the tank I would like to setup for my SPS and Clams. Nanotuners sells the BioCube 29g tank only for $123 and I can get a 20" 250w sunpod for about $290 shipped. Seems like a pretty nice setup for about $425. I was just wondering if I did that if I could have too much light? Anyone try a 250w HQI over a nano?


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not speakin from experience but id assume in a large tank like teh 29g bio cube which is like 18" high or something, ud have very nice set up with a 250w hqi lighting. you just might have a bit of a heat issue, so a chiller maybe needed.


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I have a 250 watt HQI running on my Red Seamax, I love it.



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I have 250w 14k phoenix on my 29gal. Just standard AGA. I installed a fan into my canopy (biggest one radioshack had lol) and my tank gets pretty cold at times. No heat issue here lol.


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I had 250's on my 55g. It would beat down the corals and their growth really increased when I switched to more mild lighting. I think it can work, but depends a lot on your corals. IMO it's almost certainly over-kill in most cases, even on an 18" deep tank.


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of course you can do it, especialy over a tank that big.
I had a 250 over my dorm 10 gallon and it did awesome....for the stuff i had before at least... I was bringing all my corals over from my 40 breeder (16 inches high) with a 400 and t5s over it. So all those did really well. However, any new corals i would buy from LFSs werent used to that amount of light so they would bleach out, especialy because i really cant move anything to the side in a 10 gallon to acclimate... but in a 29 you have PLEANTY of space and shouldnt run in to that problem...
IMO, definatly do that over a 150....