250W MH Wallpack - what bulb


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I have a 250w mh wallpack similar to:


I'm wanting to use the components of this to do a retrofit into a canopy. Just to give it a try, is there any bulb that Lowes, HD, or a local lighting place might carry that would suffice for testing that won't hurt anything in my tank(ie: one that has decent K rating of at least 10K)? I'd rather not buy a bulb right now from somewhere I couldn't return it if the wallpack doesn't work.

Thanks for any insight.


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Any bulb you purchase from hd or lowes is going to be in the 3000-4500 kelvin range, which is less than ideal for reef lighting. You can get an electronic ballast from hellolights for $99 and a cheap reflector for around $30. You will be much happier, it will be cheaper and more efficient. Get tanked,