250w SE bulb suggestions


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i'm due for new bulbs fairly soon and can't decide if i'm going to get the same bulbs or switch. I have 2 lumenarc minis on my 120 with 250w single ended bulbs.

right not i'm using xm 10k's. i'm not unhappy, just was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for something think i might like better. I have 2 36" t5 actinics, but i wouldn't mind going a little more blue with halides. i was considering something 12k or 14k. thanks


I like Fuzzy Sticks
I have the 250 Reeflux 10K's and have been very happy with them so far. The 12K's will be a little bluer then the 10K's.


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250 Reflux 10ks !!! Just bought 3 a few months ago and they made a HUGE difference w/ the CoralVue ballasts.

Tony @ Reef Exotics has them...they are great to deal with...



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For SE 250W, I like the Aqua Connects 14k bulb. When I threw on RF 12ks on Icecaps, they look like dim radium bulbs to me.