265 reef


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I'm looking for some advice, I've had my tank up and running for 15 years when my tank look the best I had metal headlight in VHO lighting my tank was amazing long story short my tank is no longer amazing I'm redoing my lights I currently have 250 metal halide in the middle to 175s on each end
I recently purchased two tuna blue kessil lights and a 360 WE
I am looking for advice on lighting my reef and making it great again


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You didn't say but if you're not doing water changes and old systems can build up refractory DOC as well as shift to the production of labile DOC that is detrimental to corals so I would be doing 10% weekly for a while if you haven't in a while. SOme new quality maricultured live rock shipped overnight or airfreight (30 - 50 lbs only) I wouldn't bother witht he sand under the rockwork/aquascaping but I would carefully siphon out and replace the sand that is easily replaceable with new live sand.

Can yyo post some water parameters?

Here's some videos you might find informative:

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