28 gal jbj and a skimmer


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Hey guys, so I'm thinking about getting into the hobby again after taking a break for about a year and a it.... I got the itch back!

This time I'm looking into buying the jbj 28 gal cube and using that

I have the deltech mce 600 skimmer I was wondering if anyone has used this on the back of the tank.thanks

Also are the led's on the tank good enough for spa corals?

Lastly I'm looking to get rid of my ATI 24x6 fixture the bulbs are about a month new and the fixture itself maybe 6 months. I live around Toronto CA , pm me if you're interested .

This is my old tank http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1956366

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Try looking in the nano tank forum. I ran a JBJ 28 HQI for about 5 years but I have no experience with the JBJ LED system. There is a JBJ 28 thread where experienced JBJ users will be able to help you.