28gal intermediate led nano cube


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Thinking about getting a new 28 gal intermediate led nano cube. I am new to the hobby and I am wondering how well it keeps sps, if at all. Also how we'll do you guys like the tank in general? My lfs has them on sale for 475$ that includes tank, stand, 30lbs of there premium live rock, bag of live sand, water, and 50$ credit in store so I really can't pass this deal up....... Thanks for the help.


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The intermediate won't be powerful enough to keep sps. Also the color of the leds have been reported not the best coloration (affecting sps coloration)

It would be fine for lps/sps.

Other than that biocubes/nanocubes are pretty good and very mod-able. A better skimmer + intank tray and a different return pump (i recommend maxijet 1200 by cobalt) makes these tanks run smooth.

Its up to you, but I would pass if you want sps. The biocube hqi or a cheaper nano kit and just replace the lights with a led retrofit.


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I would pass on the intermediate if you want any corals. While it was a nice starter tank for me, you really outgrow them quick. I have the pro and have replaced most of the equipment and lighting so far. It really has been a money pit. Poor warranty coverage and marginal equipment.


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My advice is build your own slowly, or find someone (local club, craigslist) getting out of the hobby.

I bought a used Solana w/ T5's for $250 and slowly added things as I grew with my tank.

I bought a controller w/ temp/ph probe first, later added better pumps, then eventually LEDs and dosing pumps once I wanted to start add SPS.


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Thanks. Yes I was thinking about a 90gal tank and buy parts as I go but I'm just not sure about lights skimmer pumps etc. what's good and bad to start out with. I would likes to keep sps in my tank. Money is a factor so not looking for the best of the best but not junk either. :/