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Ok.. I am growing aggravated with this. My tank is stocked with 2 clowns, one sixline wrasse, I coral banded shrimp, and a moderate cleaner crew. I also have chemipure in chamber 2. I plan to get a skimmer. I do a water change every 2 weeks.Anyways, my water params are just fine, and im dealing with cloudy water (or what has the illusion of it.) is it the stock lights?? The lack of skimmer?? Please help.. I've attached some comparison photos to show you what im talking about. They both look like biocubes. Thanks


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Actually, your second post is spot on. Your tank is two months old and slightly overstocked (not for size, but for age). What you're seeing is most likely a micro algae bloom. Your parameters are fine (most likely) because that bloom is taking up all of the nitrates and phosphates in your water column before the test can read them.

So, I'd suggest...
1. Be patient
2. Feed as lightly as possible
3. Get a skimmer
4. Be patient
5. Do normal water changes every couple of weeks
6. Be patient

The tank will be fine.


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+1 but on my JBJ 28 I ditched the skimmer and went for bigger water changes. I am running a fairly high bio load w/ 40 lbs rock and 15 lbs sand and went to 5 gals or 10% per week water change w/ Red Sea Pro. Tank is crystal clear and params are great, Try utilizing some StartSmart for saltwater during the weekly water change. Its like a Probiotic for the digestive tract :) No need for much dosing either with bigger water changes of any quality salt.


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+1 on 'new tank syndrome', get a skimmer & be patient. It's said here that 'nothing good happens fast in saltwater, except water changes'...I'd personally do smaller weekly water changes so there's not as much fluctuation in parameters in your smaller tank. Good luck & welcome to Reef Central!


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I have an aqua Euro nano in my 1 st chamber. You need to remove the bottom grill and plastic piece that normally holds the filter in that chamber. Its a tight fit and takes a long time to break in, but I'm happy with it now. Can't beat it for $35 anyway.


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After forum recommendation i got the tunze 9002 nano which is not the cheapest one but so far it is doing great job and as time passes it becomes more silent.I don't know your budget but as skimmer is concern i think it is a good investment.


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Some other ideas to look at - What other filtration are you running in the back besides the chemipure? Is the chemipure in a media rack or just tossed in there some place? Are you using floss, a sponge or anything else to help trap and remove suspended particles from the water column? How about water flow and the sand bed, if you have a sand bed. Any chance you're keeping the sand stirred up?