29 Gallon Reef for SALE!


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I have a 29 Gallon reef for sale. We are doing some remodeling so I need to sell this ASAP. The tank is established as I took all the coral, rocks and sand from my 90 gallon.

29 Gallon AGA oak tank & AGA oak stand, both are less than 6 months old.
AquaC Remora protein skimmer.
Two (2) Aqualight Advanced Series HQI Metal Halide Fixture 150 watts each.
50 lbs live rock.
20 lbs live sand.
Miscellaneous corals.

$600 Firm.


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What about Dwayne???? If it wasn't for Dwayne Chris wouldn't have gotten such a good deal on a tank and Jeff wouldn't have some extra dough in his pocket :p