29g biocube livestock question


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Right now we have 3 fish:


If it matters we also have 2 peppermint, 1 cleaner shrimp, and the CUC

We wanted another fish and my daughter (technically it's her tank until it's time to pay for something) wanted a little neon goby.

The gentleman at the pet store said the Clowns and Orange Goby would kill the little goby pretty quickly and he thought we were already maxed out on bioload as well.

Agree or disagree??
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Hmmm it's a yes and no I think you could add on more but I think your clowns would be ok with it but I think your other goby would fight with it because they can be very territorial good luck with the tank it's looking great


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How long has your tank been going? I don't think one more small fish would be an issue, I wouldn't add another goby though.