2X6 Span?


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I'm building a stand for my 120g acrylic tank. I've seen the
different plans and know how I want to proceed. My question
is whether 2X6s are strong enough for the top frame without
a center vertical brace? Just 2X4s in each corner. I've got a
big sump to put under the stand.


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If you are laminating with plywood I would say you will be fine, if no plywood, I would personally double up the 2x6 and not worry about it. You are only spanning about 42" between vertical uprights, correct?


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I did my 90 (48") with 2x6 upper frame. Its a span of only 48" but has a 2x6 held up with 2x4 corners that hold the load in 2 spots on each end. Its then framed with a solid piece of 3/4" oak plywood. The back section does have a center support in it though
It came out plenty sturdy for a 90.



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Yes, only about 42" span. I'll double the 2X6s and call it good. Will also have plywood skin. Thanks for the help.