3 Favorite Fish!


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Just thought Id have some fun and ask everyone which 3 species of fish they would keep in their tank if they were only allowed the 3 fish max. :fish2::fish2::fish2:

For me I would have to go with a blueline angel, a yellow longnose and a starry blenny :beer:


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scribble angel
xmas island emperor angel
red sea regal angel

not very common, very colorful, not very expensive and have wow factor


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1) A standard Hawaiian Naso lituratus
2) A Red Sea Chaetodon paucifasciatus
3) A Red Sea Pygoplites diacanthus

If money was no object I would swap out the last two on my list with a mated pair of Genicanthus personatus :D


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Achilles Tang
Red Sea Regal Angel
Leopard Wrasse (any kind)

All really easy to keep, too .......