3 Ice Cap 660 and T5 bulbs and reflectors


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I have 2 x Ice Cap 660 for sale. both have ~ 1 yr use on them. I bought them both from the same person. 1 of the 660 came without a sticker, I know they are both 660, they have both been tested and work great. I was going to go all T5 but got a great hookup from a friend so I am going to go 3 x 250 and 2 x 80 watt T5 but I have to sell these to pay for that.

I have like 12 or 15 39 Watt T5 bulbs, max age is 3 weeks of use (that is only 4 bulbs the rest are LESS), most have like 1-4 days on them, he wanted to try all the bulbs are use what he liked best. They are UVI, Ice Caps, etc.

I will find the total number of bulbs and take $125 for all of them, they are basically brand new. I don't really want to break them up so it is a great deal to whoever buys them all

Ice Cap 660 - $80/Each on them. They are in great working order (I have 2 of these)
Ice Cap 660 - $40 x 1, it will need to be sent back to Ice Cap, the guy I bought all the other T5 stuff from sold it to me for $40 and I knew it needed to be rebuilt but never got around to sending it in. I was told it is about 30-50 dollar range for them to fix them.

T5 End Caps - Enough for 10 pairs to be ran I will take $50 for all of them, they are the water proof end caps from Ice Cap.

10 x 3 foot Reflectors (from ice cap) 6 are brand new 4 are used. I will sell all of them for $130, they retail for 23 at PA. 6 still have the wrapper on. I really want to sell them all to 1 person and then you can resell what you don't need or I will take $15 each if I have to break them up. save some cash for the holidays

2 x 54 watt brand new in wrapper $35.00

2 x 24 watt brand new in wrappers $30.00