3 Large skimmers w/ the least materials/money


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Hi All,

I need to build 3 large skimmers for 3 different systems. Two of them are about 1000 gallon, the other about 1500 gallon, all of them are fish breeding systems, the two smaller for broodstock the larger for growout. I want to build the skimmers using the least amount of materials/money. Already have some parts that can be used:

4 becketts heads
1 Mazzei 1583 venturi injector (pretty large 1.5 inch in/out)
10 ft pvc pipe 12" dia
10 ft pvc pipe 8" dia
Some Enkamat PF4

Preferable pumps are centrifugal 1/4 or 1/3 HP (I am in Brazil, it´s difficult/expensive to source hobby/fancy pumps).

I have access to machining and I am willing to mod pumps/impellers etc.

My initial thoughts are to make two skimmers using 32 inch long, 12 inch dia reactions tube (42-45 inch overall height) with two becketts fed by one pump, like the HSA3000 or MRC-6, for the smaller systems.

The third skimmer, for the larger system, may use 56 inch long, 12 inch dia reaction tube (66-68 inch overall height) with one recirc pump and one feed pump. My main problem is whether I should use the recirc pump throught the mazzei venturi (like the RK25 and TMC´s PSW5300), with a mesh wheel or even go throught the trouble of manufacturing a needle wheel (like the MRC´s industrial line) for this pump.

any help/consideration welcome.