30 gallon start up - Skimmer?


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Im guessing this has been done an number of times (JBJ 30 gallon rimless build) but I would like to get some up to date advice with the possibility of new skimmers out there. So what is best type of skimmer people are using for this particular 30 gallon rimless? Will it fit well in the middle back chamber or one of the side chambers?

Do I need to have a skimmer on this 30 gallon?? I have a 20 gallon long I religiously do water changes on every weekend (5 gallons) for a year now and water and live stock seem good (im moving everything from 20 long to new 30 when I get it with the addition of a little more rock)?

What are people putting in the back chambers of these types of nano tanks and how?

And lastly, what are people using for lighting?

Thanks in advance and if this thread goes, I will take pics and document how things go along the way. Im pretty excited after having a basic 20 gallon long going with a bunch of hob stuff and finally moving to something different. :bounce1: