30" wide or 36" - 4 foot long tank?


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Good afternoon. It's time to sell the house and break down my standard 120 gallon 2' wide by 26" tall by 48" in wall reef with 2 X 400 Watt LB minis and flanked by 4 54 watt t5's.

Due to space considerations the in wall is no longer an option and time to plan a standalone tank which will be accessible from 3 side not one.

I am thinking of going with a: 36" wide BY 48" long by 24" high = 150 G
or 30" wide by 48" long by 24" high = 187

I am lazy and am not looking to be TOTM or anything like that. Just a few fish and a spacious rock work, not 25=0#+ of LR crammed full of fish and corals. I want to keep running my dosing system and use my i-tech skimmer.

The new house is larger and will not be able to keep my house at 72 degrees and run fans to dissipate the heat issues. I am not sure if I want to keep the halides and run a chiller. I may just run 2 X current usa 6 lamp t5's in lieu of the halides. I like color in my sps and do not care for led only. Come to think of it I could build have a 30" tank or 32" tank on a 36" wide stand so I have somewhere to set my brew and test kits.

Thoughts and reservations of experienced fat tank users are appreciated.

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That should make a nice tank. The only minor downside is that some fish that need a long tank wouldn't work.

Check out the Mainland 200 gal. DD tank. I think it is the dimensions you describe at 27" tall. It provides good room and aquascaping possibilities.


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I think you have your gallons reversed, but my personal taste is that wider = better looking. Especially since you say it is going to be visible from the sides. Aquascaping in a wider tank is usually a lot nicer.


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there are just so many more possibilities w/ the wider tank. just think of the differance between aquascaping a 55gal and a 75.


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I would go with the 36" for the reasons stated above however I would go with 20" for height. I never thought I would like shallow tanks as much as I do but there's a reason why they're so popular. In your case you could keep using halides and a chiller would be unnecessary with 2x 250 watts.


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I've got a 48x30x18 right now and I love the dimensions.

Nothing wrong with 36" deep though, the more the merrier, just want to chime in and say that 48x30 is still an awesome tank.

I agree staying a touch shallower than 24". 18" might not be your thing, but you will probably be a bit happier with 22" or 20".

I find even with the 18", and with only 30" front to back, I have a tougher time reaching to the bottom of the back of the tank.


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Thanks for all the comments. I may ho with a dsa custom 48 by 36 by 22 or 24 tall. the dsa 24.5 had about 22" of water. i could make the stand extra high to store all the reef poop and make the viewing close to eye level. If i remember correctly a good t5 fixure can do sps fine on the sand


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#1 rule in reefing...always go as big as your wallet/spouse will allow. I've had tanks for 12 years and literally only once have I heard someone say "my tank is too big".