30g almost reef ready... take over my project?


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hi again, i started this nano cause i had spare parts from my first tank and my large tank build. i just don't have the resources to finish and a place to setup another tank. just wondering if anyone is interested in it?

pic of stand, 40" x 20" top surface, and 38" tall. this is a tall stand. i will be putting a top and sides, but i am hoping you will take over and find doors that will suit you? i purposefully made it wider and deeper cause i like to put stuff in front of the tank while i am working and did it for convinience.


here is a picture with tank on top...


i will be including a 20 long refugium with dividers to make this mostly complete.

the tank itself is a new 30g tank that was drilled by me. i am going to include all bulkheads and also piping. i will finish my drain system but will leave it half way so the buyer can choose return pump. this is the triple, "overflow proof" design mentioned in the other RC thread. go here to see overflow thread

2 x 1" threaded returns and 3 x 1.5" drains.... yes, this is made for supa dupa flow! hahaha... i am goign to be installing a cali style over flow as soon as i get my cut acrylic...


here is a side view of the tank on top of the stand. i did make the stand brace the tank on all edges, no worries of it bending the top down...


i have lots of misc stuff you can take also... tubing for the return pump, extra pvc piping... basic t5 lights to get you started with softies? quiet one pump if you don't want guy a pump now...

i can also setup with saltwater, sand and also some livestock from my larger tank.

i have paint and also wood treater for the stand also i can put on before you pick up...

anyways, looking to get 80 for:
30g tank with bulkheads
20g long with dividers where you want them
stand with top and sides, treated for mildew and termites and painted with outdoor 15 year white paint.

if you want more? let me know your interest and i am sure i can give you more... i am seriously now looking to make money, just want to get ride of all these extra items i don't need so i can clear up my garage... i got 3 cars and i can only park 1 in the garage... so you get the idea...
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okay, so since it didn't sell i am finishing it up... wanted to post some updates... going to set a new price so i can sell this and get some more wood working tools!

so i put on some nice birch panels yesterday and today... sanded down the joints and stuff...


i also put on a nice bevel on the top of the stand. after i paint this... you shouldn't see any weird things with the joints... i am thinking about putting a nice white paint on it? not sure... may leave it up to the new owner...


picked up the overflow from advanced acrylics today... still waiting on the black silicone to come in mail before i can mount it... but you get the idea of what i want...


you can see the clear bottom, and the black front. basically wanted light to go through to the bottom and from the front not be able to see the drains. it is half inch clear on the bottom and 3/8" acrylic ont he front. can you say BEEFY!


so this is the view from the rear, you can see the returns below the overflow and the 3 drains inside the overflow... you can also see how i knife edged the top, so the water will fall kinda attached to the over box and not splash down it too badly...


and here is a view fromt the top of the over flow... so clear you can see the bottom! for sure there will be coraline on the rear panel! NO SHADY SPOTS HERE!


here is a view of the front side alittle from the side...


and a full view from the front with the clamp holding up the over in place... i like how you can't see the drains...


here is a pic closer to the display tank...

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okay, i guess that is enough pics for now... according to the RC calculators, i should be able to push alot of flow through this small tank. i know alot of people don't like tank turn over, but if the sump is large enough, it shouldn't be bad.

some specs:

30" linear overflow length
3 x 1.25" drains
2 x 1" returns

hoping to sell the setup for low 200 dollar range... if you are itnerested let me know...

next few steps... mildew treat, and base coat it white. if you are intersted, now is the time to let me know what color you want... hahaha...

going to put in a few braces on the rear to clamp wires, pipes and stuff to so it won't be too wild back there.

setup sump to handle a G3 skimmer? i got one laying around... and i built the stand to hold it inside... so might as well stuff that sucker in there... this should be a very intersting sps nano tank... hahahah...
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worked on my project alittle more... sealed, stained, and painted it... the stain didn't look good on the birch wood for somereason, so i went to a more solid color. and it turned out great!


the surface is smooth and glossy. i want to deepen the gloss a bit so tomorrow a clear coat goes on.


i also picked up some foam sheets... i am going to line the insides so it will help to dampen noise and also semi insulate from outter temps? okay, it is mainly to dampen the noise and pad the bottom.

looking to get 230 for tank stand and sump... let me know!