30K Lokani Vs. Sunset Monti


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So I have a 30K Lokani and a Sunset Monti on the same big rock and they are very close to each other, have you had this war before and if so who won?


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I am not sure but because the monti has more dense and fuller polyps I got my money on that. More to sting with.


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The problem biggest is in the fact of the Lokani to be a fragile coral and this war can unchain a RTN or STN in it. That is an assumption.
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Monti will win. move locani away. when my sunset monti took off i had to rearange rock work. now i have monti away from corals


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I read a thread at one point with a lot of people saying sunset monti wins every battle with another sps. Very aggressive


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My sunset turned into the size of a basket ball and got there stinging everything in its path I got rid of it. I like sticks better. the rainbow is nice and not agressive at all


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sunset monti will win for sure. It's a fast grower and even if the lokani manages to hold it back, the monti will grow back and eventually overtake the lokani. If you can't move the rocks, turn off your flow, kill some aiptasias and burn the monti with aiptasia x or kalk paste


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Encrusting montis always win. The best place for them is near or on the sand.