36" Current Nova Extreme or 36" Aquactinic TX5?


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Ignoring the obvious that the Aquactinic has an extra lamp, which of these 36" units would you prefer and why?
I'm more interested in your opinions of features, quality, construction, ballasts, etc.



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not even a competition, the aquatinics has the best reflectors made. The current has no individiual reflectors. also the aquatinics is built like a tank. the aquatinics puts out about 3 times the PAR that the current does.

the fans are bigger in the aquatinics as well its not even close


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I am also looking for lights for a 36" tank and this is what I have come up with.

Current Nova extreme T-5 = 7.25''w X 2.5"h, 4 lights, about $200
Aquactinics TX5= 9.5''w X 4.25"h, 5 lights, about $430.00
Tek T5= 12''w X 2.5"h, 4 lights, about $290.00
Tek T5= 15.75"w X 2.5"h, 6 lights, about $340.00

I almost think it might be worth a reto kit for the money.


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Rich_1833 - I think the Aquactinics price may be off (unless you're including bulbs in that price). It should be closer to $320, so price-wise, it'd be right in the middle of Tek's 4 and 6 bulb fixtures.

GuySmilie - Go with the Aquactinics fixture and save yourself the trouble of upgrading. I wish I could've done the same, but Aquactinics wasn't around when I bought my Tek. Now I'm thinking about upgrading to the Aquactinic.


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I wasn't aware that the Current did not utilize individual reflectors.
It pays to ask. Thanks to all for the info and opinions