36 Gallon Stocking


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Hi Everyone,

I just bought my first saltwater tank. It's a 36 gallon UNS rimless aquarium (30x17x17). I have been keeping freshwater fish, mainly puffers, for a long time so I'm not new to the hobby and have done a bunch of research on marine.

I wanted to get some advice on stocking my aquarium.

I was thinking:
*Chalk bass
*Cherub Pygmy Angel
*two saddleback clowns or a valentini puffer
*A snail or two for cleanup

Does this look like an appropriate stocking? I worry about the angelfish but that's one of my favorite fish so I'd really like to have it if possible.

The plan is to add corals at some point but start FOWLR until the system is well established and I've figured out my maintenance routine and everything. Fish are my priority though so I'd cater the coral around the fish, if any coral at all.