3rd fish for my jbj 12g nano?


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Hi, I had an osc. clown and yellow clown goby in my 12, then added a 2nd osc. clown--got lucky, they get along just fine. But
the new clown was beating up my goby pretty well, so I pulled the goby.

Questions is: Is there a small fish that is semi-aggressive and could handle itself with this one semi-aggressive clown? Related question--would this combo of 3 fish be sustainable in the 12g jbj nano?


i would say 2 clowns should be it. when they are adult u will have about 2 fish about 3in long=high no3 but that is just me unless u enjoy waterchanges


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if you make sure you like a 2 or so water change every week you could probably add a firefish, or something small that wouldn't make too much waste.


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I "accidentally" came into having 3 fish in my 12g aquapod. I was missing a goby for a good 3 weeks I couldn't find .. and got a replacement to join the blenny that was already there.

Low and behold I find both gobies in the back compartment under the powerhead in a secret chamber that is so hard to find.

I had to up my waterchange volume every week but I am very careful about feeding (sometimes just to make sure they aren't starving i'll feed a litlte heavy right before i do a water change so food either gets eaten or sucked out within a fe hours)

my fish and corals seem to be fine and have been like this for a few months .. *fingers crossed* however all have stayed small except for one goby who is pretty large for a ywg.

hope this helps


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I have 2 Osc. clowns and I added a Barnacle Blenny.
Mine finds a spot in the rocks and darts out to eat.
I have also discovered him roaming around the tank at night.
My clowns totally ignore his presence after some initial curiosity
I've had all 3 for about 5 months.
I do small weekly water changes and I do have a skimmer.


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How about a tailspot blenny. Small and not in the water column, herbivore. Shouldn't be bothered by the clowns and stays small.