40 Breeder or 55 for Banana Wrasse

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Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a situation here...

In January I bought a juvenile banana wrasse, about 3" for my 46 gallon bowfront reef. I knew he would outgrow it, and was planning a 75G build at the time, with the intention of moving him into it when my 75 was ready.

While my 75 was cycling, the banana wrasse started getting aggressive...chasing other fish during feeding, and eventually it got worse. He also started growing fast and as he got bigger, he got more aggressive.

He started messing with my large black / white clown...going in his cave, chasing him around, and eventually nipping at all of his fins. The clownfish, being a damsel relative, did not tolerate this and bit out one of the eyes of the larger banana wrasse.

That was a few months ago. After it happened, I immediately quarantined the clown, and his fins healed, and into the 75 he went. The wrasse healed on his own, without infection, and to this day acts as if he has no injury. He swims fine, eats fine, acts happy, and his eye healed cleanly, although the eye is missing.

Thing is, the wrasse is still aggressive and I do not want him harassing my fish in the 75. He is currently in my 46 that I am breaking down with a large harbor goby. I dont think I can part with this wrasse, its beautiful, and despite being a jerk, hes my favorite fish.

I dont have much space in my small home for another large tank (I currently have a 46, 75, biocube 14, nanocube 29, 4g finnex pico, and a 20g freshwater). I looked around and can fit a tank in my office, but space is limited. I want to setup a FOWLR tank for the wrasse, and wanted to know if a 55 or 40 breeder would be better since the Petco sale should start tomorrow.

I know everyone says 40 breeder for corals, but I wont be keeping corals. Do you think the 55 would be a better choice since it would give an extra foot of space for him to swim? Is a 55 something I can put him in long term? I would dedicate this tank to him alone if needed, and can arrange rockwork so he has both open space to swim, and places to hide at night. The wrasse is approx 4.5-5" now.

Thanks everyone, and sorry for my lengthy post.

Dexters Reef

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I have heard everthing from 55-125 as well, with a max size of 10-12 inches.

Foster and Smith is pretty reputable to me, and on their Pet Education site they reccomend a minimum of 55

My LFS did say they would take him, but I fear they will sell it to whoever, on discount becuase of his eye, and he will either cause someone else trouble, or get picked on and die =(