40 Breeder sump FS $35


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Downsizing continues. This sump is awesome, built like a tank. Skimmer/overflow chamber, fuge, return section. Drilled for 2" external line, but I have a plug too so it can be used with an internal return pump.

I'll post pics later, feel free to contact me with interest or questions. Going to a 30 gallon sump.


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I would love to see a picture to get a better idea of it. Although I have no idea when I would get a chance to make a run to Syracuse for anything.


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This is it when it was new. Obviously there is a bunch of coralline in it now, but you get the picture. A 2" sch80 bulkhead will be included though, its plugged. The 1" bulkhead up top, will not be.


Sale is pending, but stuff falls through from time to time. If interested, let me know. Heck of a deal.


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Cully if this falls through ill come up sat and get it. Need a sump for a new build and don't want to make one really... lol