40b stand pics


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can I see pics of your 40b stands and canopy if you have them. I want to get ideas so if I have someone build it then I can tell them what I am looking for.:bounce1:


These two were while I was staining it.



This is how the tank sits on it. This was taken while building the plumbing. That is a 20 long sitting under there.



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I love your tank stand and the the color looks amazing. It will look like a piece of furniture when your complete it. From looks in the pictures it appears that there will be a door or doors in the front and one on the end. Well done; great preplanning for the future. I can't tell you How many items I would have done differently. Did you make the stand yourself or did someone make it for you? Overall; I can't wait to see the completed system.

Well done. - E