40breeder sump build help


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I just picked up a 40 breeder and wanted to make it into a sump. I have 4 pieces of glass already cut to 17.5 x 15in for the baffels.

Now here is where it gets tricky. The skimmer I have is a SRO 2000Int. The thing is huge. It makes my current sump vibrate since it touches all sides of the sump!

The current sump is 26" x 15 x 17in. The skimmer section is 14 x 15in.

I can't raise the skimmer within the sump as there will not be enough clearence from the tank to the skimmer cup. So there is my problem as the skimmer has to be in about 6in of water. The 40 breeder seems to be a waste if the skimmer can't be raised so I can add more water volume in the sump.

So I got to thinking and here is what I came up with which I don't like but it would be the best way to make use of the sump imo.

The first section will have one of those hangon filter socks (1) and the first baffle will start at 4in. Just about the width of the sock ring. I figure I use 12in for the next section which will be 15in high. For the last section i would use 20 in for the skimmer and the return.

Look at my crappy drawing I just did lol.


Please let me know if this would be an okay sump and that it would work...

The center section will be used for refugium mainly just for pods or for temp holding section of fish/frags.


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You don't want the skimmer in the return section. You will get a ton of micro bubbles in your DT. The bubble trap would end up being pointless. What is the footprint of the skimmer? You should build your baffles large enough to house the skimmer and leave enough water depth for it. Just go with Skimmer(with sock)/Refug/Return.


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Currently I have the skimmer and return literally next to each other and do not have any problems with micro bubbles. The way I have it set the bubbles are removed by the time they even get to the return pump. However if the bubbles are of concern, I can always place another baffle in between the skimmer and return?

I just dont want to do filter sock w/ skimmer in once section because then the entire length of the sump will be 6" of water.