46 Gallon Stocklist Suggestions


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I have a 46 gal tank with the following:

2 clowns
6-line wrasse (will likely be removing soon)
purple firefish
hardy corals

10 gal sump w/ some chaeto and caulerpa

My must haves are:

Midas Blenny
Flame Angel (I know they MAY nip corals)
Cleaner shrimp
Blood Shrimp

Any other suggestions? I'm not going to be spending much more than $60 on any fish.

I'm thinking a grand total of about 7 fish. I will probably end up getting a royal gramma and a damsel also. I would love a longnose hawk, but I fear it'll eat the shrimps.


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I would really avoid the damsel as they are the devils spawn and become extremely aggressive


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I would really avoid the damsel as they are the devils spawn and become extremely aggressive

Everybody says that. I thought if I add it last I'd be alright. I'm not really set on a damsel anyway though. Just a thought


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I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get shrimp, which means I will be removing the 6line and not getting a hawk.

Anthias can be really nice, but for some reason I'm just not a big fan of most of them.
I had a watchman goby, and although they are cool at first and show off (how they "eat" the sand), they are pretty boring too.
Same thing w/ Cardinals.

Any other suggestions? I'm picky, and my options are somewhat limited due to my pickiness, but I'm hoping someone can think of a fish that I haven't thought of.

Thanks again


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I always like a neon blue goby - little but super cute and more active (interesting) than most gobies. They swim in the water column more and perch on the LR. Very peaceful. There is also a gold version but personally I love the blue. Also tank raised & cheap.

Royal grammas are great too.


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I'll think about a neon. They actually aren't quite my favorite, but they are pretty cool. I prefer swimmers to perchers, but they are still not bad.

any more suggestions?


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If you want a damsel get a Springer's. I still have the original fish I had when I "re-started" reefkeeping. I have had the opportunity to remove him (tank moves) but I haven't because I like him. For a damsel, very non-aggresive. Eats pest flatworms too. I also recommend a blue dot sleeper goby. AMAZING sand shifter. Keeps the sand pearly white and tunnels under all my live rock. Not just one tunnel, many. Fun to watch and active and contantly turning over the sand bed. Always moving. Most active goby I have had ever. He is just as active as my damsel and clowns.