48" MH/T5 aquactinic FS


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I have a 48" fixture in silver 2x250 SE with 2-54W T5's
IceCap ballasts and IceCap moonlights and IceCap variable speed fans.
It is sitting at the shop and I keep moving it from one place to another until finally my wife asked me why I am keeping it? In my typical style I answered her question with a question about all her stuff that she keeps! So to avoid future arguments here it is.
I used it for about 6-8 months in an emergency. The moonlights need a new powerpack which tom said he would send me but I took down the light before I thought about it. The ballast box has a little dent on the top from when it was shipped to me. I will sell it for $500 and I would prefer to have someone pick it up instead of shipping it. While you are picking up the light I will pressure you and attempt to make you feel bad about yourself, until you buy a planet II or suncolor evo, free of charge. :lol: That is a joke. Feel free to give me a call or an email, please no pm's.


Re: 48" MH/T5 aquactinic FS

Originally posted by elosusa
I answered her question with a question

I see you like to live dangerously, too:lol:

Good luck with the sale;)