4X24" T5 bulbs okay for AIO 40br?


New member
I have been considering doing an AIO 40br, and using my old 75g stand.

the display portion of the tank would be 28"L by 18"W by 16"D, and the sump/fuge portion would be 8"L by 18"W by 16"H.

so, my question is will the 4 24 watt T5 be enough to light a 28 by 18" footprint? I currently have various LPS, SPS, softies, mushrooms, zoas, gorgs, a clam, and some GSP.

oh, and would a 75g stand that is made of 1" thick sheets of wood all the way around with a 1 by 6" center brace be strong enough for the 40br? it would be placed at one end, with a 12" ledge of open space at the other end.