$5 Coral Blow Out Sale!


Team RC
$5 Coral blow out sale. That’s correct, all corals posted here are just $5!!! Many of these corals are high end small accidental frags that I was going to grow out, but my sump frag rack is overflowing so these corals need to find a new home fast. Sorry for the poor pictures, I was in a rush but for $5, I suspect they get the job done. My wife and I have been vaccinated so we are allowing people into our home with masks or if you prefer, I would be happy to bring the corals you purchase out to you in our driveway. Pick up is in Garden Grove. I suspect the corals to sell very fast so I will sell in the order in which I receive your PM or text message if you have my phone number.


1. Slimeball (WWC)
2. Teal base Red polyp Bird’s Nest SOLD
3. Deep Red (similar to Red Dragon but hardier) SOLD
4. Equinox (RR USA)SOLD
5. Blueberry FieldsSOLD
6. Oregon TortSOLD
7. FoxflameSOLD
8. Sleeping BeautySOLD
9. Lady in PinkSOLD
10. FoxflameSOLD
11. Sleeping BeautySOLD
12. Pink Cadillac SOLD


20. Gorgonian (Photosynthetic, sorry it was closed up at picture time) SOLD
21. Teal Candy Cane (one head slitting into two)
22. Green Spongeode SOLD
23. Neon Orange Setosa SOLD
24. Neon Orange Setosa SOLD
25. Green Spongeode SOLD


31. Mushroom Burnt Orange with White dotsSOLD
32. Green MushroomSOLD
33. Superman Mushroom (burgundy with blue dots) SOLD


41. Mind Blowing PalysSOLD
42. Green Implosion Palys
43. Green Implosion Palys
44. Green Implosion Palys SOLD
45. Mind Blowing Palys SOLD
46. Mind Blowing PalysSOLD
47. Captain America SOLD
48. Green MushroomSOLD
49. Green Mushroom


50. Small Rock Flower Anemone SOLD
51. Small Rock Flower Anemone SOLD
52. Small Rock Flower Anemone SOLD
53. Small Rock Flower AnemoneSOLD
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