5 year old acrylic sump.. how long will it last?


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I had my custom tank started in 2011.. The sump is acrylic custom 30"x14"x16"... Its rimless no bracing.. A little bowed in the middle.

I've had to replace various items in the last few years (heater, skimmer, pumps, etc.) .. Wondering if I should be proactive and replace the sump too.. Right now no issues except its slightly bowed. It was made by O.C. Adv Acrylics.

Should I replace it? How long do these things last.


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I am pretty sure a sump can last a life time. If well made and no leaks or cracks it shouldn't ever go bad.


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Depends on the material and craftsmanship but unless there are obvious signs of damage in the seams all should be fine.