50 ft. zoas


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hey there,

just sharing a pic., went diving on Sat. brought these three morphs up from around 50 feet



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jealous.....i'd go diving here (monterey bay, CA), but the cardiac arrest risk isn't worth it ;)

i've gone diving here in Feb before and damn, that water is cold!


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Odds are they will not stay that color.

One day we will be able to get the lighting and food right :thumbsup:


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hey there,

these zoas were collected off Boynton Beach, Fl.

here's two recent picks of some collected about two months ago, first pic looked like the ones in the top of the original post. Hard to get a good pic of them , they look close but have faded. The second pic is a morph(middle) that looked more of a lavender, which too has faded. They both still look pretty nice and under actinics are sweet.
and an encrusting type, too bad they are not so pretty, they are everywhere
thanks for looking




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A question for you......
When under water, are there literally thousands of polyps in colonies down there? I bet it is a winter wonderland of polyps :)

Is it???


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yes, there are literally thousands down there. I know of one reef that's two miles long that's about 1/2 covered in zoanthus.

zoanthids aren't illegal. they're (mistakenly) classified as colonial anemones by F&G. taking the rock their on is illegal though. all hard coral is illegal.


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Oh yeah and i forgot to mention who i bought them from. Bryan at Purcaptive got a colony from the Caribbean and has been farming them. They havent been submitted into zoaid.com but the name he used was Tooty Fruity....:)