50#'s LIVE ROCK FS, Kaleni and Fiji, $120


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i have 45-50#'s of Fiji and Kaleni combined.....came out of my friends 180 Reef Tank....it's sitting in a 65g tub as i type, heated and in fresh SW....

Has some purple and pink covered coraline, great shapes and the smallest piece is about 3#'s.

$120 and its yours!

PM me!

i can send photos later tonight, pm me with your email.

Rich K
Nice too meet you and patrick this past weekend.
Again thanks for stopping by picking up the live rock and checking out my setup.

let me know how the aquascaping turns out!

Rich K.
Livestock was stunning. I could of gazed into your tank for another 5 or 6 hours. I walked away a little wiser.
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hay rich cool pic how come i didnt get to go on that dive. seeya ffa possi

you no nothing about scuba mountain biking!

Thanks again Sean....cant wait to see your one of these days!