5017 optical sensor isn’t triggering the pump


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Had the system for about a year, no issues. About a week ago, the ato pump wasn’t being triggered when the water level dropped. I pulled the system and checked the connections, and everything is clean and wires are good. Unplugged and restarted and initial fill sequence works. Lights are green for malfunction test. Alarm float valve has no issues. Return chamber had a few bubbles. Moved it to a completely flat area of the sump, still not working. Recommendations, or should I replace the sensor?
I'm having a similar issue. I just adopted a system with a 3155 and I cannot get the sensor to trigger the pump. It's less than a year old and is in the return section of a Trigger Systems sump. Pumps for ~25 seconds when I unplug/plug it in so I know it's not the pump