55 Gallon equipment upgrade


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My employer was looking for a new home for a 55 gallon set up - so now it's in my living room :)

The current lighting system is 2 normal output 36 inch flourescents mounted in the hood.

I'm looking at upgrade options - right now the tank has a couple of fish and a lot of mushrooms.

I'm concerned that if I throw a bunch of HO T5s in there then the mushrooms won't like it. But I'd like to keep a broader range of corals.

Secondly the return plumbing from the sump is kind of half baked - basically a pvc hose dumps the water back into the tank - I'd like to change this and stop the house flooding if the power goes out.

Advice ?


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As long as you acclimate the Mushrooms to the T-5 HO then you should be fine. I would suggest the T-5 HO lights. As of plumbing i cant be of help


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My blue mushrooms don't mind my T5HO setup. They are about 18" under the water (SSB in a 21" deep tank) and below 3 54watt T5's w/ IceCap reflectors. YMMV but at least this is one data point for you.

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This is what i use for my return, two of them hooked up to a SQWD. Hang them over the tank with a full tank of water, right below the water line drill a small hole in this return (i did it on the back side right above the knob with the lock link adjustable head), that way when the power goes out, and the tank starts syphoning back into the sump, there will be a break in suction when the water level drops a little to that small hole you drilled in each of the returns. Thats one precaution you can take to not have a flood, but none are fool proof (2 snails at once could block those holes, so I drilled 2 small holes in each).

good luck!!!!!!!


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On acclimating, do you recommend i run the lights for fewer hours per day, or add bulbs gradually over a number of days/weeks/months ?


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Just run the lights for a couple hours for the first couple days and gradually increase it. If the mushrooms are big and full looking then you know that they are happy, if they are withered and small then you know you have a problem.