55 gallon for sale


In Memoriam
I have a 55 gallon tank I need to sell to make way for my 210 gallon I just got. The tank was used for perranas and still is, but it has two fluorecent lights with a top and to pengiun 350 filters that do 350 gph each, and just one is good enough for a 75 gallon. It also has a lot of blue gravel with the plastic plants that need to got also. So the 55 with 5 perranas, gravel, lights, top, plastic plants, two filters, all for $100. If you dont want the perranas or gravel I will take it out but it will still be $100. There is no overflow! if you want pics or if you have questions please ask Drew at
email: drewfunfly@earthlink.net
phone: 630-232-2412