55 Gallon Reef (Dry) For Sale


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So the 190 is up and running (finally) and it is time for the 55 to find a new home. There isn't any water in the tank but all the equipment needed to run it is available. Here is what I've got:

1 AGA 55 gallon aquarium (no leaks, no scratches, still in great shape)
1 custom built stand (near furniture appearance)
1 custom built canopy (not near furniture appearance)
1 overflow box (never once lost siphon in 4.5 years of operation)
1 AGA 29 gallon sump
1 NW-200 skimmer
1 Rio 2100 return pump

I'm asking $200 for the whole setup. Any interest?

55 Gallon Tank - Needing to be Clean Up but Still Perfect

Custom Stand for 55 - Nice Trim Work and Staining

Isometric View of Base

29 Gallon Sump and Skimmer