55g Plan- plumbing???


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OK, I have my ASM gx1 skimmer, using a 20l for sump. Ehiem1250 for return pump, and Amiracle overflow box coming this week.

What plumbing supplies do I need? And any plans, links, tips?


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Man I tell ya...I have plumbed many tanks and I have never had a magic recipe or a specific parts list of everything I need to get the tank running. I think that this is part of the appeal of the hobby for me - kinda like putting together a puzzle.

Best bet is to get your pump and overflow and see what size parts they will accept. If the overflow includes a drain hose then the only thing you will need is return plumbing.

Check the output size of your eheim and be prepared to make a couple few trips to big orange box harware store. Bring the pump or other parts with you if you have to. You will probably need at least a 3-4 foot peice of vinyl tubing, a barb adapter, some PVC elbows, etc. :)


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^^^ i agree

there are no set of directions.
you dont know how many times i've gone to HD or those other hardware stores with my pockets full of pieces.

just bring pieces with you... find out what fits those pieces and go from there.

if your looking for examples... google "diy tank plumbing".... or something to that affect. DIY = Do It Yourself, not sure how experienced you are but just wanted to make sure you knew

good luck


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Ok Thanks.
I have an ASM G1x skimmer for in sump. How high should the water level be?
Should I just take that sponge off the outflow pipe?