6-line wrasse, free to good home


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Local reef club members only, local pickup only. Preferrably to be delivered at the BAR meeting this weekend.

He is an average sized, very healthy and colorful 6-line. He is being relocated due to his being a bit too territorial and the anticipated arrival of new livestock that I am afraid he would conflict with.

He is very active and in general has a good personality, just a bit boisterous with certain other wrasses (he hates leopard wrasses). Alot of this has to do with him being established and the other wrasses being added afterwards.

We reserve the right to make the "good home" determination :)


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Hi Tom,

I'd be interested in taking him off your hands if he's still available. i'll be at the meeting, so please let me know.



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He is now spoken for. He will be keeping company with some elementary students after this weekend :). Thank you to everyone that responded.


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yea, we are really happy how it turned out. We feel alot better about donating him to a worthy cause like an elementary school tank :).

See you all at the meeting this weekend !! :)