6025 prop come off armature.


Blue prop 6025 only used in a QT tank, never run as a wave maker, never any issues until now. I want to use it in a smaller cube tank and suddenly the prop will not stay on the spinning armature. It will work for a while and then the prop will disconnect while the armature continues to spin. Any cheap fix for this? If I glue the prop to the armature I assume that will mess up the anti reverse? Thanks.


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If it is less than 2 years old it is under warranty, outside of warranty the prop is a pretty inexpensive part, but I am out until later next week- https://www.tunze.com/US/en/details/6025.700-drive-unit.html

You cannot glue it as it needs free play to start, with AC pumps the motor generally gets the magnet going and then takes up the propeller, there is typically about 270 degrees of free play and this basically is like a start up capacitor on a big motor, it needs to start spinning without the resistance, if you glue it, it generally won't be able to start.