6060 repair


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I brought one 6060 about 5 weeks ago, it stopped working as of last Sunday. I try cleaning it, it spin for a few second and than it stop again.

I called the dealer in Canada( i am in Canada) about the repair procedure, they said they emailed Tunze about the repair, so far I have no news yet! They said they are waiting for Tunze's repair. The dealer I deal with is very good most of the time, so I am not sure what is the problem?

Can you please let me know what should I do?

It might be how they contacted Tunze- a phone call is about the only reliable way. First check a few things- the problem is absolutely somewhere in the drive unit. Is the magnet cracked? Are the brake shoes damaged? Was the pump ever cleaned with a strong acid or run on a wavemaker- things that could cause damage to bushings? Perhaps the bottom bushing with the red oring on it is stuck to the magnet. Follow the manual and you will likely find the problem and then you can get the part you need and install it. This is what Tunze will require as only the damaged part will be replaced.