60g Cube - Seahorse of course


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A while back I began work on a 60g build for a horse tank. I have since been gathering information as well as equipment for the build. I figured now that I am getting close to being wet I would post it up.

Here are some pictures over the course of the build so far.

Here is a Picture of the stand, needs insert panels still but it gives you guys an idea.


Here is a picture of the modded SCWD (holes bored to 5/8th, internals strengthened, cleanout cap added for maintenance. The SCWD is attached to a seaclone external pump. The pump provides 800gph of flow at 3 feet of head so I should be getting around 700gph of flow inside the tank, switching between two sides at an interval of 10 seconds. The return pump will be the only flow in the tank, this is to prevent any possible damage to the horses from a pump. With the flow alternating it is random enough to prevent dead spots, there will be some "moderately fast" flow but the horses will have plenty of slower spots in which to hitch. (I will eventually post a video of how the tank flows)


Here is a picture of the rockwork. As you can tell the function is to provide ample hitching posts for the horses while also creating a "Zen" function to the tank. The wife wanted me to build a "tree" in the tank that would function as the tanks centerpiece. I need to add one more branch to the left side of the rock (it broke off when I put it in the tank) and the build will be complete. I like posting pictures though so figured I would at least post up what I have now to show the build




And for those of you who are curious, for now here is a parts list of what I have or intend on getting in the next week or so.

Skimmer: Reef Octo SSS1000 - Rated at 125g (buying this week)
Return: Seaclone 800gph pressure rated
Rock: Built custom by me utilizing branch/pukani and Emaco
Sand: Caribsea special grade (shallow bed 1-2")
Lights: LED's (either building or buying, last thing I will get)
Chiller: 1/2 HP Ecoplus chiller
Sump: Modded container from OSH. Baffled for a possible refugium section
Accessories: TBD

Tank will be kept at 73-74 degrees. I am not running full reef but will have some mixed reef corals in the tank along with various macro algaes. I am ordering an oversized very efficient skimmer for a reason, the tank will may have a lot of NPS in it that is able to live at some lower temperatures. I will be keeping Zoanthids/pallys/macros/non sweeper LPS/possibly some deeper water SPS in the higher flow areas.

I agree that mixing "reef" and horses does not work properly in most cases so any additions of corals will be second to the horses. At this point I am looking at H. Erectus/H. Reidei/H. Kuda as my options. I will also keep a Diamond Goby (killer sifter) various snails and other CUC members(not including crabs).

I will be adding additional pictures to this build as time permits.


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I want to see how the scwd works out.

I have already ran the tank wet to test the SCWD it works flawlessly. Flow increased from the increased Diameter inlet/outlets is an obvious difference. The bell is the weak link that breaks for most everyone, I reinforced it with some plastic to prevent it from cracking under pressure. Also having increased size on the outlets helps prevent backpressure on the bell as well.


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And I am wet and cycling. Got my durso mostly tuned in and filled the tank with tap for a couple day test run. I want to ensure that I have no leaks before I do a final fill with RO/DI. I will try to do a video tonight or tommorow of the flow in the tank to give you guys an idea of how the SCWD is doing.


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Alright, Here are two videos, kinda of rudundant but figured I would post two angles. One video is from the top looking down the other video is from the bottom looking up. You can see the flow switching back and fourth between the two outlets (If you have or have had a SCWD then feel free to skip the videos). Just figured I would post the videos to show people how the modification worked out. From the looks I have lost little to no flow with the far less restricted SCWD.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ER1G28yfRVE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/HhKHQNdE4Bs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here are some pictures of the completed Aquascape -sand/possible small pieces on the sandbed. Overall I am quite satisfied with the build. The only problem as of now is the sump may be leaking a small amount. At this point it is hard to tell if it is from splashing around by my kid or an actual leak. I will let it run for 24 hours and check the status of the tank to see if the leak has grown or dried up. One other potential problem is there is a decent amount of air bubbles popping at the surface in the sump, this may lead to saltcreep in the sump area which I would like to avoid.

On to the pictures :)

Filling her up


Top down of Durso drain


Aquascape photos





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Realized I havn't udated this thread in forever. I have gotten the tank cycled now and have two pairs of h. erectus currently. I have had one pair for around 4 months and the second for a couple weeks. Both pairs are doing good with no issues so far.

The SCWD has stopped working and for now I have removed the bell to not impede flow into the tank. I am going to make a new bell eventually but have not getten around to it quite yet.

For lighting I stil have not ordered any light, I have been using a small 2 bulb t5 setup thats made for cabinets so it isn't able to grow any time of coral or macro. I should be getting a light for the tank hopefully soon.

I was qutie a bit behind on this build, to many things in life came up that impacted my ability to continue along with it. I am happy that the tank is now wet and has horses in it doing well. I will have to get some pictures posted whenever I get home from work today.


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Slacking on posting pictures but will get some up soon. The tank is still doing well. I have quite a few corals growing out in my reef tank waiting to be introduced to this tank when it has an adequate light.

And thank you for the compliment on the rock work.