6105 and 6155 placement


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Hi Roger, I have a 200g (96Lx24wx20h) mixed reef LPS/SPS tank with 4 equal spaced return lines pushing roughly 900gph per line. I currently have a 6155 on the left side of the tank and planning on getting a 6105 for the right side of the tank. How would you recommend placement of the pumps and would this be enough flow? They will be on individual 7091 single controllers until I can get a multicontroller. Do you think I would need to use the wide flow kit for the 6105? Thanks in advance.

Craig Borowski

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The final placement will depend on how your rock and corals are arranged. But speaking very generally, a pump in each of the back corners, roughly one-third down from the top and pointed diagonally to the opposite corner is a good starting point. If you want to upload a picture of your tank we can give more specific ideas.

As for the 6105, given the length of your tank you probably will not want to use the wide-flow housing. But that pump comes with both wide-flow and regular housings, so you should try both and see which works best for you.