65g FOWLR setup questions


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Ok guys.. first sw tank.. first post..

Have my tank setup here with 70 lbs cured LR.. 20 lbs live sand, 40 lbs dead sand..

Couple of questions..

1. I've been told not run the protein skimmer yet (coralife SS125).. i don't see why? i thought the more the merrier..

2. Also.. being that i have so much cured LR and live sand.. should i be testing the water.. and when could i possibly add my cleanup crew ?

I know i'm not doing fish for a few weeks.. but would love to see some life in there.

My only mess up in the setup was using tap water initially (my RO unit is on order) and using Stress Coat to dechlorify the water which is now foaming up in my berlin sump..

Any thoughts or helps? Picture attached



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I dont like to run a skimmer during a cycle in fear of skimming out organic wast the benificial bacteria need to make the nigtrogen cycle happen.

don't add anything till after the cycle is over

what have you done to fix the tap water?

yes test water every twice a week till cycle is over
then once week


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i thought maybe the skimmer would remove the stress coat foam..

i pulled out 5 gallons today and replaced with Nutriwater.. will do another 5 on tuesday when my RO unit arrives..

So no CCC yet, eh ?


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Sorry RB, but like any other dysfunctional family, we do not always agree with each other here at RC! YES, I do run my skimmer during the cycle. I believe (for whatever that is worth) that there will be plenty of waste in your tank for a cycle to occur. You do not want too big of a cycle or your ammonia spike will kill off the majority of what is alive on your rock and sand. I also run my lights for 5 hours a day for the same reason. I do agree with bad's concern over your use of tap water. I would do a 50% water change and plan on another one soon. I do water changes whenever the ammonia spikes over 5PPM.