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hi all,
well i finally upgraded to a 6g and took down the 29g. but i was looking around and didn't know if you could call a 65g a nano, complare it with the BIGGGG TANK forum you can.

so can a 65g+ 29g sump = nano??:confused:


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i dont think so. Nonos are anything under 30gal IMHO. anything over is a regular size tank.


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Wow thats pretty big. I would say that is no longer a nano..... unless you only fill it up to the 2 inch mark. lol..

itz frank

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the forum memo's on the forum page say that Large is anything from 180gal and up. Thus, anything smaller then 180 would be classified as a nano on this forum. Plus, anything smaller then the ocean would be classified as a nano. Unless you work at sea world. then that's big too.:lol:


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I felt lost in the world..to small to be a LARGE tank and too big to be a NANO... thanks for being my FREINDS..:)