72 gallon bowfront tank stocking


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How does this sound
Pair of maroon gold stripe clowns
coral beauty
copperband butterfly
5 Carberryi Anthias
and a scotts fairy wrasse

How does this sound?
This is a reef tank.
If it is to much what should I change?
I am keeping my coral beauty and clowns everything else is up in the air.
I really whant anthias becasue they are such a pretty schooling fish.


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I dont see any problem with that. Dont know a lot about carberryi, but they are nice looking.

If I HAD to pick a problem, I'd say go with more common (easier maybe?) anthias, but I dont see any real problems.


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i would also get the maroon clowns mated... its hard to keep maroons together even if they are added at the same time.. coral beautys look amazing and the copperband will keep your tank aptasia free!! good luck with the rest, lets see some pics when you get them


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It sounds like an ok mix for me as long as you are careful not to overfeed. Keep in mind that the Anthias need a lot of oxygen and the Copperband might be a fussy eater. Hopefully you can find a CBB that will eat prepared food, but unfortunately it might take a few fish before you find one that does.


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yeah I realize that cbands could be a bad choice. maybe I should go for a more reef safe fish that won't nip my corals.
What about a flasher wrasse? or some kind of other fish besides a wrasse. I can't think of any right now.
My maroons are mated and they are the most preciouse pets to me. Yes I consider each and every one of my fish pets.
I really like the spotted jawfish. I need a good bottom dweller....well I need to think of some alternatives insteead of the copperband fish. Does teh 5 anthias I choose sound allright?


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Seems like a fine list.. Not sure if you already purchuse a protein skimmer or not but i would buy one rated well above your tank size. Anthias require frequent mutli times a day feedings, which can cause water problems if not careful.


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yeah I got the coral life for a 125 gallon.
What type of anthias should I go for. are teh ones I listed allright?


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ok you guys think that my skimmer is good quality?
I like the anthias that I picked as well as the bartlets. We will have to see.


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Wow great tank you have there birdy. love your fish.
maxpower: yeah I really like the magnificiant foxface beautifull fish. It just treally depends if I can find a good specimen of either. I really like liveaquarias divers den section. I look into other fish as well.