72bf for sale $200, San Carlos


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Howdy all,

I have to sell off my 72 bow front with stand and canopy. It has the older (IMO better) corner overflow with standpipe and return pipe and bulkheads. The wooden stand and plastic canopy. I have 2 mogul sockets and reflectors in the canopy that come with it. There are no visible scratches in the glass. there is a lot of coralline on the overflow as you can see in the pic.

The stand should probably be repainted as there are a few spots where the paint has nearly worn off. You can see these area in the picture pretty well. They are on the bottom board and the ledge the tank sits on. There are a few area inside the stand too.

If you need a sump I may be able to help out there too. I am using the sump that was on this tank but I might have another one available.

First preference goes to BAR members.

I am in San Carlos.




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BAR member. pm sent

You lucky -------- :D That's a great deal and would be perfect if you could set it up during your move!


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I just need a canopy for mine :(

You have to change the supporting leg setup of your light fixture in order to use that canopy.


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Alvin... you discovered my secret plan.

Timing could work out perfectly as I could hopefully set it up the week before I have to move my current tank.